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About Dr. Divya

Dr Divya is one of the best Ayurveda doctors in India. Being compassionate by nature, she wants to serve humanity with the healing powers of Ayurveda. She completed her Ayurvedacharya Upadhi from Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma University of Health Sciences” in Rohtak Haryana in 2013. After that, she completed a practical training Certificate in Panchakarma Therapy & Kshar Sutra practical training.

With her hard work, dedication & devotion to her wisdom of spreading the miraculous healing power of Ayurveda for the well-being of society, she successfully established a complete Ayurveda Wellness Clinic at Bhiwadi Dharuhera (NCR). She stands for her mission, like joint pain, skin problems and obesity. She is passionate about bringing new approaches to healthcare and helping people improve their quality of life.

Dr Divya Ayurveda offers solutions for all your health concerns. Our Ayurvedic doctors and specialists are dedicated to providing the highest quality of Ayurvedic care. We are passionate about giving every patient relief from pain and suffering through natural, comprehensive medicine and holistic treatments.

Dr. Divya Sharma

Why Choose Us


We believe that the purity of Ayurveda is paramount to its efficacy.


We believe that potency is a hallmark of Ayurveda.


It comes first at all times, even when it comes to Ayurvedic products.

Our Services

Ayurvedic treatments are an integral part of our healthcare service. Our quality-centric approach and extensive experience in Ayurvedic medicines, their practice and treatment procedures have allowed us to offer a wide range of services ranging from general check-ups to consultation in Ayurveda.

What Client Say About Our Services

Dr Divya Ayurveda is a great person for all your healthcare needs. I have been going for treatment for about two years, and I have always been satisfied with the services. The staff is very friendly and helpful; the facilities are clean. The treatments are also reasonably priced.


I highly recommend Dr Divya Ayurveda!
She is very knowledgeable, and I recommend them to anyone looking for personalised attention from a doctor.


Dr Divya Ayurveda is a wonderful doctor. She is very good at what she does. I have seen her for various issues related to my health, and she always provides the best possible treatment. She is also very friendly and easy to talk to, which makes it easy to communicate with her about your concerns. I would highly recommend her!